Frequently Asked Questions

Ben Guard™ and its pediatric hospital partners are working toward establishing insurance coverage for its products, using published clinical data and new study concepts. Currently, individual claims submitted by hospitals or families for our products will be handled case-by-case and may be all or partially covered, by your plan under existing HCPCS/CPT catheter securement codes. Please contact the patient’s healthcare team or insurance provider for specific inquiries.

We accept Healthcare Savings Account payments for our products, which should qualify under most insurance plans.

Ben Guard™ has a generous patient support program for those without insurance or a policy that won’t cover particular medically necessary items. A Letter of Medical Necessity may be required from your Healthcare Provider.


Our safety device is registered as an FDA Class 1 Medical Device, which deems the product is safe for use and will cause no harm to the patient. This process requires a strenuous review by the FDA, routine submissions in regard to product enhancements or changes and a significant financial investment by the Company.



We are working with Pediatric Hospitals and Charities around the country, discussing funding and pilot study concepts to measure clinically impactful criteria for publication.


Yes, our products are designed to accommodate Central Venous Catheters, G/J-tubes, and other tubing devices, pumps and batteries, simultaneously when necessary. Ben Guard™ continues to develop additional solutions to address catheter-related complications for children and adults.


66% Rayon derived from bamboo; 28% cotton; 6% Spandex.


The risk of pediatric tubing complication is constant as long as the device is placed in the body. For this reason, the Ben Guard™ products are designed to be comfortably and effectively worn 24/7, as a base or outer layer. For this safety reason and to assure that a clean product is always worn over the insertion site, it is recommended that each child is issued a minimum of 3 Ben Guard™ products.


Ben Guard™’s products are washable and can be cleaned by home or hospital laundry, though may wear out more quickly when routinely cleaned in an industrial machine, due to the spandex in the material.

Our products have been laundered in a certified hospital laundry facility (per IDPH Standards), a minimum of 10 times. Aside from slight color fading and shrinkage (due to the spandex and only on the first cleaning), the testing showed no sign of deterioration to the snaps, straps and water-resistant front pocket.

Specific testing results will be provided upon request.


Products are shipped within 7 business days. Please let us know if you have an urgent delivery need and we will do our best to accommodate.


Yes, we are happy to discuss customized product designs that would accommodate a unique medical need for your child. Please contact us at info@ben-guard.com.


If you are a hospital employee and interested in the Ben Guard™ products, please contact us at info@ben-guard.com.

We understand the Value Analysis and approval processes can differ significantly among Pediatric Hospitals, often including clinical, supply chain and patient safety personnel. The Ben Guard™ team is working strategically to introduce our innovative safety products and to better understand patients’ needs and strong partnership opportunities.


We accept all major credit cards, as well as Healthcare Savings cards and Hospital Purchase Orders. Please let us know if you prefer to use a different method of payment.


Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you.