Don't Compromise Pediatric Patient Safety

Ben-Guard Healthcare Solutions has created a new category in pediatric catheter securement.

Our proprietary and innovative design comfortably secures and conceals CVCs and other tubing devices, toward the prevention of serious and unnecessary complications and hospitalizations.

The Challenge

Today, millions of children have very serious illnesses and health conditions that require a central line or other peripheral tubing.  Unfortunately, over 40%1 of these kids will experience complications with tubing and equipment, which can be life-threatening.

The Opportunity

The complications that arise from these treatment scenarios include infections, contaminations, pulls and tugs, and re-hospitalizations, which lead to urgent interventions and treatment delays.

The Solution

Our proprietary product stores, secures and protects catheters/external tubing, providing safety to the child and peace of mind to families and caregivers.

Put on Love

Ben Guard’s active wear conceals, secures and protects central lines, tubing and medical devices.


Our design secures the lines and helps protect against infections and accidental pulls and tugs.


Our well-placed snaps and integrated restraints provide ease of access and flexibility for single or multiple tubing scenarios.


Our natural blended bamboo and cotton materials give a soft feel with anti-microbial characteristics.


Snaps provide integrated restraint and protection


Shoulder closure secures straps


Well-placed front pocket for ease of treatment and concealment

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