A New Solution in Innovative Wearable Securement

Ben Guard™ is a fully commercialized line of wearable safety securement products which anchor and hold safely to the body CVC’s, PICC devices, and various tubing for a variety of chronically ill patients.

What is Ben Guard™?

Let Ben Guard™’s patented adaptive clothing help keep your child safe, while we all play our part in assisting pediatric hospitals with Infection Control and Patient Safety.

Millions of U.S. children require central venous catheters (CVCs) and other tubing devices—i.e. G/J-tubing, Ostomy, PEG, Nasogastric, etc.—for serious medical conditions and illnesses. Up to 40% of these children can have catheter-related complications; dangerous, emergent events that directly threaten the child’s health and disrupt life-saving treatments. These prevalent setbacks cost healthcare systems and families tens of millions of dollars per year.


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Easy access to wound site

A seam in the chest allows for an easy and independent view of insertion sites for routine inspection and care. This unique design also allows for access to the entire chest and torso areas, independently, without removing the garment.

Unique and proprietary design

Our products can accommodate multiple pediatric device and tubing scenarios, providing 24/7 catheter securement for your child.

Catheter securement

Straps on the shoulder, along the side and inside the water-resistant pocket provide a high level of catheter securement and greater level of safety.

A water-resistant chest pocket

This unique design secures and stores tubing during and between treatments, as well as separates tubing to reduce contamination.

Soft, breathable material

A bamboo cotton and spandex blend is comfortable and imageable (CT, MRI, X-ray, PET, etc.). Bamboo has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Removal without catheter disconnection

Our patented design allows for donning and removal of the safety product without disconnecting any tubing. Even one less disconnect can reduce infections and other dangerous events.

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Medical Organizations, Associations, and Pediatric Charities.

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