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Benjamin Picture

Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin was diagnosed with brain cancer just before his 3rd birthday and given only a few months to live. His first surgery was the placement of a central line which allowed him to begin treatments and receive supportive care. Doctors provided Benjamin’s mother with pins and tape to manage the tubing that were permanently hanging from his chest. During Benjamin’s 6-year battle, his central line was pulled out, infected and replaced more than 20 times. To correct these emergent and unnecessary complications, Benjamin suffered through painful procedures that delayed treatment and further threatened his health.

Ben-Guard is dedicated to changing the Standard of Care, in pediatric catheter securement, creating a safer environment for children and their caregivers, preventing serious and expensive complications and subsequent hospitalizations.

Benjamin was a fearless, active boy who loved God, his mom, sisters, and baseball. In all we do, Ben-Guard honors his life.

Matthew Murphy Picture
Matt Murphy

// CEO


Matt began his Healthcare career with Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology, in 1997, and has made strong commercial and scientific contributions, with other prominent Oncology Biotech and Cancer Diagnostics organizations; Sanofi-Aventis, Caris Life Sciences, Onyx (Amgen) and Puma Biotechnology, among others. Matt has a track record of solid leadership, product launch and growth achievement with many new cancer products and molecular offerings, while leading regional and national growth strategies.

His extensive commercial and scientific network among healthcare providers and Executive Leadership has played an integral role in his success, especially in the start-up space when articulating new medical products and processes. Matt has a strong passion for helping in the fight against cancer, whether through his work or routinely participating in fundraising events.

Matt received his BS from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and continued his education with various advanced science and MBA courses at DePaul, University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

He resides in Glen Ellyn, IL with his wife, Molly, and their four children.

Rhonda McPartland Bentley
Rhonda Bentley

// Founder & President


Rhonda has been involved in a number of successful businesses in the medical device and medical facility interior design industries, in the Cincinnati area. She cared and strongly advocated for her son, Benjamin, during his courageous 6-year battle with brain cancer. One of Benjamin’s biggest medical and safety challenges was the securing of his central venous catheter, which hung from his chest and through which he received his treatments. Benjamin endured many preventable complications with his tubing, threatening his life, interrupting critical treatment and leading to unnecessary surgeries and hospital stays.

It became clear, to Rhonda, that current pediatric catheter securement methods were inadequate. These deficiencies cause great health risk to the patient and have a high financial cost to the families and medical systems. This led to Rhonda’s creation of a new category in catheter securement, which can provide solutions to many serious complications, and be applied to multiple pediatric tubing devices and scenarios. Ben-Guard’s unique products address an unmet medical need for children living with a variety of medical conditions and diseases.

Rhonda’s goal is to honor Benjamin, by providing pediatric patients and their caregivers with a level of safety and securement that wasn’t available to him during his battle with cancer. Rhonda is fearlessly challenging medical establishment to improve current Standards of Care and to provide patients and caregivers with the tools they need to keep children safe, and not have to endure what Benjamin did.

Chip Turner

// Founder

Chip has founded and/or purchased 20 companies in 12 different industries, having consolidated and sold several of these companies and now maintains ownership in 8 of them. Throughout the years, Chip has served in Senior Operational roles with many of these Organizations, but has recently changed his focus to investor/advisor, with a handful of health-related companies. Passionate about growth and relationships, Chip has always been focused on the sales function and the importance of culture. When looking to acquire a company, his due diligence employs a unique blend of deep financial and operational analytics, along with his own “business instincts”, developed over a 30-year career. This, combined with his life philosophy focused on hard work, honesty, and being surrounding by people of integrity, Chip has achieved a great deal of success, accompanied by a significant amount of fun. If it isn’t fun, it is probably not worth doing!

Chip grew up in Decatur, Illinois and attended college at Marquette University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. Throughout his life, Chip has taken a leadership role, whether in sports, academics or other activities.