Put On Love

“Definitely great for securing and accessing all the medical lines so many of our babies need. Keeping all of the lines and extensions can be complicated but this reduces the stress of how to handle them.”
Yvette S. De Jesus
“Best product I’ve ever seen.”
RN, BSN, VABC Vascular Access Team Clinical Leader
“Ben Guard™ is a wonderful product that vascular access team, CBDI are using on their patient population.”
Top US Ranked Pediatric Hospital
“We like using Ben Guard™ for our long term “Home Care” patients with central lines and TPN Infusions.”
“Our kids need this product.”
Pediatric Hem/Onc NP
“Ben-Guard Protected my child’s CVC and is easy to use; I LOVE Ben Guard™!”
“Patients are demanding Ben Guard™”
GI CNC Clinic Staff
“They are wonderfully made, cool and comfortable to wear and a reliable way to secure the central line during an infusion, that helps protect accidental tugs and pulls.”
C-Line BSI Reduction Task Force