Put On Love

Health Economics and Reimbursement team focuses on illustrating the economic value of its wearable safety securement products and wearable medical device anchors allow increased market access on a global basis. This work includes building value messages from Health Economic models, analyzing administrative claims, developing hospital value analysis tool kits, and clinical study support. A large focus is also on reimbursement coverage strategies and advocacy efforts with private and public payors in both the United States and globally in markets in which the company does business.

In the United States, the appropriate use of coding allows hospitals and physicians to be paid for prescribing life improving therapies and for patients to receive impactful safety for their medical condition. A list of potential Medicare coding and reimbursement rates for Ben Guard related procedures are listed in the coding and reimbursement guide available for download below. The coding guide is a recommendation for specific procedures and conditions and serves as an example for healthcare providers; and it is up the provider to treat and choose the appropriate codes for reimbursement.