Patient advocacy is at the forefront of AVA’s core values. Protect the Patient | Educate the Clinician | Save the Line represents and advances the vascular access specialty and defines standards through an evidence-based approach.

AVA’s mission thrives through collaboration with manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, infusion providers, home health agencies and other organizations through its unique Industry Partner Program.

AVA Enterprise Partner AngioDynamics* is committed to patient advocacy. Through its No Blind Sticks campaign this winter, AngioDynamics will reach clinicians on a personal and professional level to promote a commitment to utilizing proper ultrasound techniques and capabilities each time they place a vascular access device.

The operation kicks off December 27 and wraps up at the end of February. With such poor rates of first-stick success – particularly in non-ultrasound users like emergency rooms, intensive care units and even bedside clinicians – this campaign is an essential piece in taking a step forward to advancing vascular access care.

“Patient care shapes everything we do as an organization,” AVA CEO Ramzy Nasrallah said. “If you’re ensuring proper sterilization techniques but failing to consider the use of an ultrasound probe to achieve safe access, you’re failing to put the patient first.

“AngioDynamics’ No Blind Sticks campaign embraces the significance of promoting proper insertion techniques to all clinicians, all with the patient in mind – and this is consistent with AVA’s mission. We support the use of imaging technology for all vascular access insertions.”

Clinical education is a critical piece of patient care. Careless techniques by the uninformed lead to poor first stick success rates, a variety of complications and unnecessary pain. The No Blind Stick Campaign addresses this virtually on social media and with the ISAVE That Podcast, in the classroom with a continuing education presentation on ultrasound techniques, on the ground in healthcare institutions and through a cost savings analysis.

“Every patient deserves first stick success for any vascular access procedure. The days of ‘blind sticking’ and palpating for veins is old school,” AngioDynamics Global Director of Clinical Marketing Stephanie Pitts said. “The combination of easy-to-use, affordable ultrasound with best in class clinical training makes the transition to using ultrasound simple. Take off your blindfold and let us help you help your patients.”

While the focus of this campaign is to raise awareness of poor first stick success rates and renew clinician engagement, it is a vital piece in the framework of other AVA initiatives. This includes the ISAVE That Line campaign, The AVA Foundation’s funding of the major innovative research project known as miniMAGIC, AVA’s collaboration with the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) and more.

“Would you drive with your eyes closed? Of course not, even though you could put your foot out the door and feel that the road was there. Don’t put a needle in a patient with your ‘eyes closed,’” AVA Director of Clinical Education Judy Thompson said. “The No Blind Sticks campaign epitomizes the importance of our mission to protect patients by having clinicians assess veins and visualize the needle into vessel, avoiding valves and curves and thus increasing first attempt success rate.”

Be sure to follow AVA and AngioDynamics on social media, subscribe to the ISAVE That Podcast and join the conversation. Together, we can provide better patient care by committing to safe vascular access techniques.

The Association for Vascular Access (AVA) is an organization of healthcare professionals founded in 1985 to support and promote the specialty of vascular access. The mission of AVA is to represent and advance the vascular access specialty and community and define standards of vascular access through an evidence-based approach to enhance healthcare and patient outcomes. Today, its multidisciplinary membership advances research, provides professional and public education to shape practice and enhance patient outcomes, and partners with the device manufacturing community to bring about evidence-based innovations in vascular access. To learn more, visit www.avainfo.org.

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AngioDynamics, Inc., is a leading provider of innovative, minimally invasive medical devices used by professional healthcare providers for vascular access, peripheral vascular disease, and oncology. AngioDynamics’ diverse product lines include market-leading ablation systems, fluid management systems, vascular access products, angiographic products and accessories, drainage products, thrombolytic products and venous products. For more information, visit http://www.angiodynamics.com/

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